Ryo Unikawa

Ryo Unikawa

unikawaNickname: Mr. Unique

Hometown: Matsumoto
Birthdate: January 26th, 1990
Theme Music: Dj Wich – UNSTOPPABLE feat. Guilty Simpson, Rasco
Weight: 85kg
Height: 187cm

Muscular Japanese man with both arms heavily tatooed. He is bald but has a long beard that is tied.He is wearing black tights and black wrestling boots. No elbow pads.
When coming to the ring, he has a punk/goth trench coat.

Signature Moves:

  • Katahajime – top submission finisher
  • Achilles Lock – secondary submission finisher
  • Clothesline From Hell – primary pinfall finisher
  • 630 Senton – big match finisher
  • Peacekeeper (Swinging Single Knee Inverted Lungblower, sometimes followed by a Low Superkick or Shining Wizard if the opponent ends in
    a seated position) – signature
  • Trifecta (Running Powerbomb followed by a normal Powerbomb followed by a Spinning Sitout Powerbomb) – signature

Fighting Style:
Stiff as they come, hard-hitting dude that is methodical and tries to inflict as much punishment as he can.

Great young wrestler probably nobody knows anything about. Nobody but one man, Adam Stryker.

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