Kenta Urinoe

Kenta Urinoe

urinoeNickname: Black Skull
Hometown: Fukuchiyama
Birthdate: 25th of February, 1978
Theme Music: “Unstoppable” by ES Posthumus
Weight: 110kg
Height: 185cm

His body is scarred all over from a career which was previously dedicated to hardcore wrestling and death matches.  He wears a black skull mask to the ring and will leave it on to wrestle opponents he does not respect.

He wears silver full leg tights with a black skull on the front.  Down each thigh reads his name in black written in Japanese.  He wears black boots and no tape.

Signature Moves

  • Tiger Driver ’91
  • Corkscrew lariat
  • Elbow smash – all variations (running, diving, standing, second rope)
  • vertical suplex lifted and dropped into a piledriver
  • Grinbreaker (Spinning shotei palm thrust to the jaw)
  • Oxygen Breaker (modified Facejam into Throat Thrust – wraps one arm around the back of opponent’s head whilst having bent finger knuckles placed against opponent’s Adam’s Apple. He falls backward pulling the opponent forward so that his bent elbow lands on the canvas and thrusts his knuckles into the opponent’s Adam’s Apple)
  • Diamondhead
  • Black Magic
  • Machine Gun Chops
  • Discus chop

Wrestling Style:
Aggressive and very brutal, mainly working on the neck area of an opponent.  He will walk out of the ring at the chance the match turns hardcore and refuses to participate in those matches, despite being somewhat of a hardcore/death match legend.



Kenta Urinoe stumbled into the business by chance when he attended the wrong class, missing a judo class by chance and wandering into a wrestling class.  And the rest of was history.


Fate had determined Kenta would become a superstar and he would do everything to achieve that dream.  Making a name for himself in the hardcore scene, Kenta was signed to American promotion Eastern Wrestling Company, in Philadelphia, PA, to bring an edge to their hardcore scene.  During this time, Kenta made friends with “Jumpin”
Jed Kennedy a self-made star who worked from the bottom to the top of the EWC.  During a hardcore tag team match, Jed had his neck broken from a botched spot.  Kenta abused the crowd and absolved his contract with the EWC with complete hate for the promotion and “garbage” wrestling from that day forth.


Kenta formed a friendship/mentorship with Jed’s son Sam Kennedy, and he would bring Sam up in his own image with the same disrespect for garbage wrestling.  Over the next few years, Kenta would mainlyconcentrate on getting Sam to the level he deserved to be at.


Kenta spent most of his career as Kenta Urinoe however took on his student’s name as an homage to what his student, now known as THE Sam Skull, had become and now competes as “Black Skull” Kenta Urinoe.

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