池田市純 – Jun Ikeda

池田市純 – Jun Ikeda


Hometown: Mizuho
Birthdate: 19th May 1966
Theme Music:
Weight: 127kg
Height: 186cm
Signature Moves:
  • Gold Slam (finisher – Back suplex chokeslam)
  • Sudden Impact II
  • Lariat
  • STF

Ikeda is a legend of Tokyo Pure Wrestling and has built up a great deal of respect within the company as well as the whole wrestling industry. This respect is not shared by Kazuki Suzuki, whose jealousy spans back over the past 20 years.

A powerful, but very technically aware wrestler. Ikeda used to be tag partner to Suzuki, but Suzuki turned on him when he formed Blood Circle, opting for younger stars to surround himself with. Ikeda has struck out on his own since then, with good success, but recently he has put together a team (Gold House) he can trust to help him in his fight against Blood Circle.

Yamashita was brought into Tokyo Pure Wrestling by Dragon Takeshi, and returned this favour by giving his son, Amazing Dragon, his first big break in Wrestling.Yamashita, a powerhouse wrestler, is a 7 time Tokyo Pure Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, and has vowed to become the first ever FRONTLINE Champion also.