優子弘 – Hiro Yuko

優子弘 – Hiro Yuko


Nickname: “Hurricane”
Hometown: Saitima
Birthdate: 01/04/75
Theme Music: “Acid Rain” by Liquid Tension Experiment”
Weight: 103kg
Height: 188cm


Black hair has been shortened to a crew cut. Face is clean cut. In the ring he wears a pair of white pants, with a grey tornado running up the side of the right leg. No shoes. His back is covered in scar tissue from his many wars, deep gashes run across his chest as well, with a particularly noticeable scar running across his throat.

Signature Moves:

  • Primary Finisher: Cyclone Fury – Spinning Heel Kick off the top
  • Flash Finisher: Eye of the Storm – Rolling Triangle
  • Choke
  • 1.) SJS Special – Jumping Backdrop Driver, bridged into a pin.
  • 2.) Tornado Kick – With opponent in the corner, Yuko will jump up on the ropes and start around on one foot, circling to kick the opponent in the head, usually three times before the victim falls out.
  • 3.) Shining Wizard over the top rope to the floor
  • 4.) Storm Warning: 540 Gyro Crescent Kick
  • 5.) Rana into Triangle Choke (can set-up Eye of the Storm so audience freak out)
  • 6.) Jumping DDT into guillotine choke
  • 7.) Handspring Kneestrike
  • 8.) Shortarm Elbowsmash

Wrestling Style:

A former high flyer, years of falling on C4 has slowed him down; though he’ll still bust out a high spot if the opportunity presents itself.  With a background in death matches, Yuko prefers strikes, mainly with his legs, using many varieties of kicks to methodically take apart his opponent.  He’s cool headed, a long time veteran with a lot of credits as a ring general; but if he feels like someone is disrespecting him or trying to take advantage of his obvious injuries, it’ll bring out Yuko’s aggressive side.  A mean spirit that while not sadistic, has been formed in over a decade of death matches.  Hiro has done messed up things to people he likes; don’t bring out his bad side.


A native of Saitima, Japan, as a child, Hiro Yuko dreamed of becoming an entertainer, and after years of hard work, enjoyed success with the popular J-Pop boy band, Hurricane Happy.  After the release of the band’s second CD “Storm Warning,” tragedy struck, as the group was involved in a plane crash, killing one of the other members, and severing Yuko’s tongue.  No longer able to sing, Yuko gave up on life, falling into a downward spiral of drug abuse until his fortune was eaten away.  Falling off the earth for almost two years, Yuko returned to Japan a changed man, having found spirituality.

Still feeling the need to entertain, Hiro Yuko signed up for Ichiro Goto’s wrestling school.  Wanting nothing to do with his boy band days, Yuko dawned a mask, working Indy shows as “The Silence.” Preferring to act mute over the barely audible garbles his severed tongue left him making.  Not the most grounded wrestler in the world, Yuko was known for overcompensating with BIG RISK highflying moves. Enjoying his guts, small time promoters started moving him away from lightweight matches, closer to garbage fights.

During one of these jisatsu battles, Yuko lost his mask to death match journeyman, Vile “Vince” Viper.  The European legend liked the fearlessness with which Yuko flew, and took him on an American tour of HCW.  Their top heel, Triple V was in all of HCW’s featured programs, taking on other hardcore icons.  Billed with his real name, Yuko was brought in as Viper’s bodyguard.  VVV promoted Yuko’s lack of tongue as the result of a Japanese death match, so violent that Americans couldn’t begin to imagine the horrors this smaller wrestler was capable of.  Over the next three months Yuko fought a lot of HCW’s top stars, greats like LOCO and Survival.  That summer, Hiro carved out a name for himself, but it was only the tip of the iceberg.

As HCW world champion, VVV was contractually obligated to defend the title in a rival Japanese organization, and went with a number of other HCW for a tour.  As both protégé and questionable translator, Yuko was naturally brought along for the ride.  The rival company was SJPW, which at the time, was the biggest Puroresu federation in Japan. Yuko only appeared as the weakest link in six man tags, despite this status, that fall he received a level of national exposure he could have only dreamed of in his usual independent haunts.

Although he turned heads, a traditional organization like SJPW had no use for a Jisatsu worker, and when Viper went back to Europe, Yuko was ent packing back to the independents.  Even though the venues were smaller, the six months in the big leagues had done their trick, as now Yuko was headlining the shows.  Halls were packed, not because of his boy band infamy, but for his wrestling; the crowds were generally captivated by what this crazed hardcore worker would do next.

Over the next decade, Yuko would sign a long-term contract, and become the ace, of Big Garbage Japan.  Here he held their heavyweight title, won a number of tag leagues, and was their longest reigning tag team champion with gaijin partner, Six Demon Bag.  After having a falling out with booker, Dick Yashimoto, Yuko quit BGJ, and started his own
promotion, Super Jisatsu Story.  For the first few years, he would be his companies top star, while trying to usher in a younger generation.  A record five SJS heavyweight title runs, 3 tag league victories, and a run as coalition IWA’s world champion, cemented Yuko’s status as a death match legend.

While he still promotes Super Jisatsu Story shows, Yuko no longer appears on them.  Trying to make the most of his body before all the death matches catch up with him, Yuko has set  his sights on the one wrestling achievement that has continued to elude him.  Making it in one of the larger, more traditional, wrestling companies, despite his style’s stigma.  With this goal in his heart, “Hurricane” Hiro Yuko has set his eyes on the FRONTLINE.

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