黒竜 – Black Dragon

黒竜 – Black Dragon


Real Name: Rocky Simpson

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Birthdate: 8th September 1986
Theme Music:
Weight: 83kg
Height: 170cm

Signature Moves:

  • Dragonrana (Finisher)
  • Frankensteiner Whip
  • Dragon Suplex
  • Top Rope Reverse Hurricanrana
  • Chair Illusion (picking up a chair while referee is not looking, tossing it to his opponent and then pretending they hit him)

Rocky Simpson moved to Japan as a teenager to learn from his idol, Amazing Dragon. Rocky became his protege, starting a career in TPW under the name of “The Astonishing Dragon”. He became a fan favourite alongside his mentor and friend, and became the first gaijin to be allowed to compete full time for the company without counting towards the “gaijin rule”. But soon after this Rocky was lured to Blood Circle by Kazuki Suzuki and visciously turned on Amazing Dragon. Now known as Black Dragon, Rocky continues to be one of the top Super Juniors in the company.

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