Weekly News Round-Up for Week of March 18th

Weekly News Round-Up for Week of March 18th

Check out all the latest news to come out of Pro-Wrestling FRONTLINE!

It’s been a busy week for FRONTLINE, with some changes to the company schedule first on our agenda today.

Due to the current economic climate FRONTLINE has reduced the number of shows on it’s upcoming schedule. This means that there will now be one weekly show, which will then be broadcast on Nippon TV on a Sunday night. Don’t forget that at the end of every month there will be a bigger “supershow”. We’d also like to remind people that the first of these big shows will be on March 30th from Koruaken Hall, not Budokan as previously mentioned incorrectly on this site.

The first broadcast of FRONTLINE POWER WRESTLING was on Nippon TV last night. Keep your eyes peeled on this website as we’ll run through the results in detail later today.

The E.N.D. have challenged Blood Circle to a No Holds Barred Match for April 27th. Adam Stryker wants to take on any member of Blood Circle in this special attraction match. Kazuki Suzuki, leader of Blood Circle, has yet to respond to this challenge.

FRONTLINE is pleased to announce the arrival of Yuji Shibata, who signed a contract with the company recently. Shibata has enjoyed moderate success in the UK but now returns home to take his career to the next step.

We’ll be back with more news at the same time next week!

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