Weekly News Round-Up for Week of February 25th

Weekly News Round-Up for Week of February 25th

Check out all the latest FRONTLINE news, including everything you need to know about last nights important press conference!

Hanako Yamamoto and Alan Galpin held a press conference last night, broadcast live on local TV and also live on iPPV as part of the Frontline event held by FRONTLINE’s sister promotion, Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER.

Yamamoto confirmed the list of names recently signed to FRONTLINE; Kenta Urinoe, Hiro Yuko, Katsutoshi di Limones, BIFU, OOKAMI no Chi and Kenta Yamashita will all join the roster from our first tour which starts on March 8th.

The first five gaijin for that opening tour have also been announced; Jason Richards, Adam Stryker, Troy Gafgen, Ryan Kidd and Saiko Yunokawa. Yunokawa, known as Laurel Anne Hardy in FRONTIER, is part Japanese but will start out on the gaijin roster. Yamamoto confirmed that there is the possibility she, or any other gaijin, could be promoted to the full roster if they perform well.

Alan Galpin confirmed that all championship titles are vacated and tournaments will be held to determine the new champions. He also confirmed that FRONTIER have taken an interest in the GFC Tag-Team Championship and the title will be shared between the two organisations.

As previously rumoured, FRONTLINE POWER WRESTLING will air at 7pm every Sunday evening on Nippon TV from 17th March.  And our big showcase events will air monthly at 8pm through SkyPerfecTV.

Members of Blood Circle appeared in London last night, attacking new FRONTIER & FRONTLINE star Jason Richards. Richards had back-up from Adam Stryker and Sylar Drake but they were out-numbered, until Kenta Yamashita evened the score and sent Blood Circle running. Yamashita declared that he would team with Stryker & Richards, collectively known as Go Strong, in a six man tag match against three members of Blood Circle on March 30th as FRONTLINE holds its first show at Budokan.

That’s all the news for this week, we’ll bring you another news round-up next week!

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