The Forgotten Championship

The Forgotten Championship

Tokyo Pure Joshi was opened by Tokyo Pure Wrestling in 1990, giving some of the best female wrestlers in Japan a place to showcase their skills.

Sadly TPJ was closed by it’s parent company in August 2011, deciding to focus all the company’s efforts on keeping TPW alive for as long as possible in the face of financial problems, which culminated in the takeover from Hanako Yamamoto and the formation of FRONTLINE.

But during the heyday of Tokyo Pure there was a very special championship shared between TPJ and TPW, in fact it’s the only championship that the GFC did not continue into FRONTLINE.

The TPJ-TPW Allied Tag Team Championship existed between 2004 and 2010, with teams consisting of one TPW star and one TPJ star. The first holders were Rumiko Kawamae & Hiroshi Takahashi, who defeated Defeated Sumiko Rai & Yoshihiro Ojima in a tournament final to be crowned inaugural champions.

After four successful defences the duo were finally bested by the team that would go on to be the most dominant pair in the division, Harumi Gensai & Kazuki Suzuki. Gensai & Suzuki held the belts for over three years with 15 successful defences.

The belts were deactivated and retired in 2010 due to the infrequency of title defences and soon forgotten about by the general wrestling fanbase. But, thankfully, there are some people out there who would not let this division disappear forever and the title histories have recently been re-published as a reminder to this unique championship.

While Tokyo Pure Joshji was closed, two of it’s top stars, Kazuko “Cannonball” Kayama and Harumi Gensai, worked on opening a spiritual successor to TPJ. Kansai Star Pro is that successor, having launched in 2013. While there is no link to FRONTLINE, K*PRO did receive investment from Hanako Yamamoto in order to achieve their goal of continuing great Joshi wrestling.

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