Road to World Engine: Super Junior Kingdom {2014}

Road to World Engine: Super Junior Kingdom {2014}

Today we’re bringing you the third of our four tournament specials from 2014, this time focussing on the junior heavyweight division.

Pro-Wrestling FRONTLINE has a lot of great junior talent, and in 2014 eight of the best were pitted against each other; not for the GFC Super Junior Championship, but for the Super Junior Kingdom trophy.

Check out the round one preview and scroll down for the video of the full show.

Amazing Dragon vs. Ando Kuriyama

Amazing Dragon is the son of Tokyo Pure legend Dragon Takeshi, who is a friend of Gold House leader Jun Ikeda. Takeshi persuaded Ikeda to bring AmDrag into his group, back when it was called Mad House, and to help him achieve his full potential. That seemed to pay dividends and currently AmDrag is one of the most respected junior heavyweights in the division, and is a four time Super Junior Champion. His speed and high flying ability stands him in good stead but he’s also technically sound when it comes to mat wrestling, should the need arise.

Kuriyama is a man who struggled for a long time to find his place in wrestling. In Tokyo Pure he was nondescript and people wrote him off quickly, even though he had undoubted ability; he just couldn’t win over the fans. Then one day he just seemed to decide he didn’t need fan approval any more and actively went out of his way to wind them up. He became vicious, mean and fought right up against the laws of the matches he was in. He’ll take any underhanded chance he can, and that’s won him two GFC Super Junior Championships.
Ryu Yamada vs. The Betamax Kid

Yamada is the self proclaimed “fastest man alive”. He’s not the Flash, but he’s assuredly the fastest man in FRONTLINE. His speed is his strongest weapon, but he’s powerful for such a lean individual. Like the Kuriyama of TPW he has been described as boring, but he’s been adding flare and showmanship to his matches as of late; and has just started wearing bright multicoloured face paint.

Dave Spikey, originally from Liverpool, England, was a training partner of August Joyce back in Canada. Spikey was technically the more gifted of the two, but all the fans, promoters and other wrestlers all seemed to prefer August and he got all the bookings. August gave Spikey the nickname of The Betamax Kid as a result, and it stuck. It even helped him get noticed more, and now Spikey is making his first trip to Japan and hopes to put in a good showing.
Black Dragon vs. Masato Shinichi

Rocky Simpson began his career in New York, before moving to Japan to study under the man he came to idolise, Amazing Dragon. He became the Astonishing Dragon and the two Dragons became firm friends and partners. He won the Super Junior Championship in early 2011 and that drew the attention of Kazushi Suzuki. Suzuki spotted an opportunity to get one over on Gold House and persuaded Simpson to turn on his friend and join Blood Circle. After one title defence he attacked AmDrag so badly that TPW suspended him and stripped him of the belt. He became Black Dragon and hasn’t looked back since.

Shinichi, a former Blood Circle member, has been unlucky with this draw. He’s been flying under the radar of Blood Circle for a while since leaving the group, but now he’s up against one of the groups biggest threats. Losing this match may just be the best thing for his own safety.
Blood Tiger II vs. Kazushi Nanahara

Naoki Yoshida used to be a member of The Pride, a group of youngsters out to make a name for themselves; the group also consisted of Kenta Yamashita, Ren Itou and Masa Abe. Yoshida was the one junior heavyweight in the group and often felt left out. It was after a match with the legendary Blood Tiger that Yoshida was hand picked to continue to tradition of donning the bloody tiger mask. He’s taken to the role like a duck to water, coming up with new and inventive ways to make his opponents bleed at every available opportunity. As Yoshida he was a one time Pure Puro Champion, but as Blood Tiger he’s a one time Super Junior Champion and a five time Tag-Team Champ.

Nanahara is the leader of Rising Sons, a group of up and coming talent in much the same mould as The Pride. He’s a great junior heavyweight, but has yet to win the Super Junior title, although he is a three time Pure Puro champion. He’s hoping to make a bigger splash in the junior division before attempting to make the transition to the heavyweight division.


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