Road to World Engine: Pure Masters {2014}

Road to World Engine: Pure Masters {2014}

The second of our special flashbacks is to the Pure Masters tournament, held under Pure Puro rules and contested by the best pure wrestlers in FRONTLINE.

Pure Puro matches are won by submission or KO only, pinfalls do not count, so which FRONTLINE superstar reigned supreme as the Pure Puro Master? Check out the below preview of the first round matches, and keep scrolling for the video of the event itself, as first broadcast back in 2014.


Naoki Fujita vs. Yoshihiro Ojima

Fujita is a kicking machine, his arsenal is heavily reliant on his feet and also his lethal knee strikes. Fujita is one of the young wrestlers who make up the Rising Sons, a group of up and coming wrestlers who are looking to leave a mark on FRONTLINE as they build their reputation. Fujita has struggled to be taken seriously since joining FRONTLINE, despite winning the TPW Pure Championship when he first broke onto the scene in 2010, and hopes that, with the Sons at his side, he can prove his doubters wrong.

Ojima is a member of Blood Circle, a devious and cunning individual who will take the low road if it’s available to him. However, beneath the dirty cheating ways he’s actually a pretty solid technical wrestler; which just makes his descent into Blood Circle even more frustrating. Prior to his joining Blood Circle he was a one-time TPW Pure Champion.  This tournament should showcase the technical side of Ojima’s skills and help cement his position as Blood Circle’s best pure wrestler.
Keiji Ishikawa vs. Masato Shinichi

Ishikawa is the man who is often overlooked, by fans and management alike. He’s a great solid wrestler but lacks the charisma of some of his counterparts in FRONTLINE. He’s been aiming to rectify that as of late, changing up his look and his wrestling style to be a little more “American”. It’s a move designed to get himself noticed and, as of yet, it’s not evident if it’s worked; although he has been drafted in to this tournament so that has to be seen as a good sign.

Shinichi is pretty similar in some respects, although he’s lost a lot of hype since he left the Blood Circle group; having decided their tactics did not tally up with his own personal beliefs. Blood Circle have had it in for Shinichi ever since, although their main target has been Gold House so Shinichi has managed to fly under their radar for the most part. However if he wins the Pure Masters tournament, especially if he defeats Ojima in the process, then surely Blood Circle will sit up and take notice.
Tomo Nakamura vs. Tatsuya Okada

Nakamura is the nearly man of FRONTLINE. In his time with the company he has nearly won the Nippon championship, the Pure Puro championship and the Tag-Team championships; coming up slightly short each time. He’s now focused all his attentions on the Pure Puro belt and is planning to use this tournament to cement his place as a true challenger to Miyamoto’s title.

Okada is the second Rising Sons member in the tournament. Like Fujita he’s a wrestling newcomer, having made his name away from wrestling. Okada is a former MMA star, who left the sport just before it took off globally, much to his chagrin. He’s determined not to give up on his wrestling career and return to MMA, which has endeared him with a large section of the FRONTLINE fans. This tournament gives him the opportunity to put his submission skills to use and should be the perfect chance to increase his popularity if he progresses.
Ken20 vs Akihiro Miyamoto

Ken20 (real name Kenzo Ikeda) is the nephew of his Gold House leader, Jun Ikeda. He is one of three former Pure Champions in this tournament, the first to hold the belt in the FRONTLINE era. He is often overlooked by fans as being the also-ran of Gold House, who has only made the team due to his relationship with Ikeda. This tournament represents a chance for Ken20 to show what he is made of, which is technically solid wrestling ability. He has drawn a tough first round opponent, though.

Miyamoto is the reigning GFC Pure Puro Champion, although his belt is not on the line in this tournament. Miyamoto joined FRONTLINE in late 2013, helping boost the Pure division after FRONTLINE lost a lot of gaijin stars. He was quick to make a name for himself and soon won the title from Kazushi Nanahara, the leader of Rising Sons. If Miyamoto is to win this tournament he may well have to go through two other members of the same team.


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