Red, Gold & Green

Red, Gold & Green

Shuji Satoshi was one of the biggest stars in Tokyo Pure, an athletic, exuberant and well-loved wrestler. His trademark green face paint and tights made him stand out, while his acrobatic moves won over the fans. But in 2010 Satoshi would disappear from the company after losing a championship match to Shinji Watanabe, which was followed by a vicious assault from his one-time tag-team partner that looked to threaten Satoshi’s career.

It was two years before Satoshi returned to the ring, this time calling himself The Great Sato, and donning a black mask and tights. This new, darker, star was still popular with the fans but this time for his no-nonsense approach.

In 2013, when Pro-Wrestling FRONTLINE began, two main factions found themselves at war. Gold House, a re-naming of former Tokyo Pure faction Mad House, was run by Jun Ikeda and found themselves at the throats of Blood Circle; a devious faction that was spearheaded by Ikeda’s former tag-team partner Kazuki Suzuki.

Suzuki, known as the General, was as ruthless as he was skilled, and was determined to add another old friend into his group; but Ikeda had similar ideas and the two found themselves fighting over the services of The Great Sato. Sato began to tease both men, changing his ring gear to incorporate both the gold of Gold House and the red of Blood Circle.

As the years went on Sato remained impartial. Hiroshi Takahashi took over from Ikeda as leader of Gold House, instantly abandoning his predecessors’ quest to recruit Sato. Takahashi renamed the group G.O.L.D, standing for “go on, live dangerously”.

Suzuki lost his desire to fight Gold House once his long term adversary was out of the picture and left himself open to a coup, being kicked out of his own group by new member Akio Kuriyama. Kuriyama took Blood Circle into a new direction, changing their name to Blood Club but continuing a permanent rivalry with G.O.L.D. Blood Club have taken the cunning of Blood Circle and added extra violence to become FRONTLINE’s most feared faction.

Away from their respective armies, Ikeda and Suzuki rediscovered their lost friendship of the Tokyo Pure years. They began to tag-team again and then Tokihiko Yokoyama, the oldest surviving Tokyo Pure fighter, joined them to create a 3-man team. Now in 2017, with the “Brothers-in-Arms” finally back together and no longer fighting over recruitment, The Great Sato returned to his traditional green & black and finally sided with both men as the last member of the quartet known as The Ancients.

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