New signings announced

New signings announced

Pro-Wrestling FRONTLINE is very pleassed to announce the four latest recruits to join the company, including the return of the KINGU!

Minoru Hirota, Ryo Unikawa and BYAKURAI join former GFC Heavyweight Champion Kenchi Yamamoto in signing full time contracts, all being placed into the FRONTLINE Sekigun.

Hirota was an alternate for Japan’s wrestling teamĀ at the 2004 Olympics and possesses excellent mat skills, making him an ideal candidate for the GFC Pure Puro Championship division. But will The Wrestling Humannoid aim higher?

Known as the Man of Ten Million Masks, BYAKURAI is a very agile and speedy wrestler. He may even give Ryu Yamada new competition for the title of Fastest Man in FRONTIER.

Ryo Unikawa becomes the youngest of FRONTLINE’s bright young lions. His hard hitting style is sure to make others in the locker room stand up and take notice.

And the final name on that list, Kenchi Yamamoto, is no stranger to Japanese wrestling fans. The big powerful brawler is a second generation star and made a name for himself when he left to Japan and travelled to the UK, winning the GFC Heavyweight Championship during his time in FRONTIER. Yamamoto returned to Japan for family reasons, but FRONTLINE’s ties with his former employer have tempted him to return to the ring and reclaim his crown as the King!

We look forward to seeing all four men in action soon as OPENING NAVIGATION gets underway in just one week!

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