GFC World Tag-Team Championships History

GFC World Tag-Team Championships History

#WrestlersReignsDateDays heldLocationNotes
Started as Tokyo Pure Wrestling Tag-Team Championships in TPW.
1Daiki Kubo and Kenta Yoshida1April 2, 198981Tokyo, Japandef. Ryoichi Karasuma and Kenzo Kikuchi
2Alex Shield and Cody Lines1July 11, 198911Sapporo, Japan
3Ryoichi Karasuma and Hiroki Kokubun1July 22, 198990Kanazawa, Japan
4Daiki Kubo (2) and Kenta Yoshida (2)2October 20, 198940Tokyo, Japan
5Shingo Kobayashi and Nobuyori Shigi1December 6, 198990Tokyo, Japan
6Kinnojo Gakusha and Tatsui Akaike1March 6, 1990135Tokyo, Japan
7Alex Shield (2) and Cody Lines (2)2July 19, 19908Takefu, Japan
Vacated when Sheild & Lines returned to the US.
8Nobuyori Shigi (2) and Mitsuharu Miyagi1December 7, 1990132Tokyo, Japandef. Brothers in Arms (Ikeda and Suzuki)
9Kenzo Kikuchi and Ryota Fujiwara 1April 18, 199179Tokyo, Japan
10Brothers in Arms
(Jun Ikeda and Kazuki Suzuki)
1July 6, 199118Yokosuka, Japan
11Kenzo Kikuchi (2) and Ryota Fujiwara (2)2July 24, 1991135Kanazawa, Japan
12Yoshinaka Namiki and Doppo Osaragi1December 6, 199189Tokyo, Japan
13Kenzo Kikuchi (3) and Ryota Fujiwara (3)3March 4, 1992254Tokyo, Japan
14Takahiro Ibuki and Alex Sheild (3)1December 4, 199257Tokyo, Japan
15The Warriors
(Kenzo Kikuchi (4) and Daiki Kubo (3))
1January 30, 1993110Chiba, Japan
16War Tigers
(Blood Tiger and Tiger Beast)
1May 20, 1993106Sapporo, Japan
17Kenta Urinoe and Hiro Yuko1September 3, 199371Tokyo, Japan
18The Warriors
(Kenzo Kikuchi (5) and Daiki Kubo (4))
2December 3, 1993351Tokyo, Japan
19Minoru Hirota and Ryoichi Karasuma (2)December 10, 1994181Tokyo, Japan
20War Tigers
(Blood Tiger (2) and Tiger Beast (2))
2June 9, 1995229Tokyo, Japan
21The Warriors
(Kenzo Kikuchi (6) and Daiki Kubo (5))
3January 24, 199627Matsumoto, Japan
22War Tigers
(Blood Tiger (3) and Tiger Kid)
3February 20, 199693Morioka, Japan
23Saneatsu Ishinomori and Minoru Hirota (2)1May 23, 1996105Sapporo, Japan
24Terao Katsu and Robert Jackson1September 5, 1996134Tokyo, Japan
25War Tigers
(Blood Tiger (4) and Tiger Beast (3))
4January 17, 1997130Matsumoto, Japan
26Brothers in Arms
(Jun Ikeda (2) and Kazuki Suzuki (2))
2May 27, 199759Sapporo, Japan
27Mad House
(Kendo Nagatomi and OMEGA)
1July 25, 199771Tokyo, Japan
28Brothers in Arms
(Jun Ikeda (3) and Kazuki Suzuki (3))
3October 4, 1997113Nagoya, Japan
29War Tigers
(Blood Tiger (5) and Tiger Kid (2))
5January 25, 1998347Yokohama, Japan
30The Pride
(Kenta Yamashita and Ren Itou)
1January 7, 1999153Hidaka, Japan
31Mad House
(Kendo Nagatomi (2) and OMEGA (2))
2June 9, 199944Sendai, Japan
32Brothers in Arms
(Jun Ikeda (4) and Kazuki Suzuki (4))
July 23, 199933Tokyo, Japan
33The Pride
(Kenta Yamashita (2) and Masa Abe)
2August 25, 199959Hiroshima, Japan
34Mad House
(Suehiro Umesaka and Kendo Nagatomi (3))
3October 23, 1999120Nagoya, Japan
35Terao Katsu (2) and Stanislas MihailovicFebruary 20, 200058Kobe, Japan
Vacated so could be contested in a Tag-Team Tournament.
36War Tigers
(Blood Tiger (6) and Tiger Beast (4))
6June 9, 20007Tokyo, Japandef. Mad House (Nagatomi & OMEGA) in tournament finals.
Vacated due to the retirement of Blood Tiger.
37Shuji Satoshi and Shingo Kobayashi (2)1January 14, 2001191Tokyo, Japandef. Tiger Katsu (Terao Katsu & Tiger Beast)
38Tim Worthington and Jackie SweetsJuly 14, 2001100Tokyo, Japan
39Grand Stage Kings
(KING Ogawa and Terao Katsu (3))
1October 22, 2001268Niigata, Japan
(Yuuta Mori and Shinji Watanabe)
1July 17, 200285Osaka, Japan
Vacated due to an injury to Mori.
41Grand Stage Kings
(KING Ogawa (2) and Terao Katsu (4))
2December 6, 2002153Tokyo, Japandef. Stanislas Mihailovic & Shinji Watanabe
Vacated so could be contested in a Tag-Team Tournament.
42Shinji Watanabe (2) and Shuji Satoshi (2)1June 8, 2003224Yokohama, Japandef. War Tigers (Blood Tiger II & Tiger Beast) in tournament finals.
43War Tigers
(Blood Tiger II and Tiger Beast (5))
7January 18, 2004146Osaka, Japan
44Tim Worthington (2) and Jackie Sweets (2)2June 12, 2004188Nagoya, Japan
Vacated due to Worthington & Sweets returning to the MWA.
(Yuuta Mori (2) and Shinji Watanabe (3))
2January 16, 2005323Osaka, Japandef. War Tigers
Vacated due to an injury to Mori.
46Rikiya Sekimoto and Ren Itou (2)1February 17, 2007190Tokyo, Japandef. Children of Xu (August Joyce & Benjamin Doi)
47War Tigers
(Blood Tiger II (2) and Tiger Beast (6))
8August 26, 2007130Tokyo, Japan
48Blood Circle
(Black Dragon and Takeshi Genji)
1January 3, 2008177Tokyo, Japan
(Yuuta Mori (3) and Shinji Watanabe (4))
3June 28, 2008554Osaka, Japan
50Gold House
(Hiroshi Takahashi and Amazing Dragon)
1January 3, 201065Tokyo, Japan
Vacated due to an injury to Amazing Dragon.
51Gold House
(Jun Ikeda (5) and Hiroshi Takahashi (2))
2July 4, 2010217Osaka, Japandef. Kazuki Suzuki and Yoshihiro Ojima (Blood Circle)
52Blood Circle
(Black Dragon (2) and OMEGA (3))
2February 6, 2011117Tokyo, Japan
Vacated on June 3rd 2011 after Black Dragon is suspended.
53War Tigers
(Blood Tiger II (3) and Tiger Beast (7))
9June 19, 2011126Tokyo, Japandef. El Tigre de Sangre and Oliver Bernhardt (D12)
(Yuuta Mori (4) and Shinji Watanabe (5))
4October 23, 2011149Tokyo, Japan
55War Tigers
(Blood Tiger II (4) and Tiger Beast (8))
10March 20, 201261Tokyo, Japan
56Benjamin Doi and The Betamax Kid1May 20, 201228Fukuoka, Japan
57War Tigers
(Blood Tiger II (5) and Tiger Beast (9))
11June 17, 2012132Tokyo, Japan
Vacated on November 23rd, 2012 after Tokyo Pure Wrestling ceased trading.
Renamed GFC World Tag-Team Championships.
58Go Strong
(Jason Richards and Adam Stryker)
1March 30, 201350Tokyo, Japandef. Takeshi Genji and OMEGA @ OPENING NAVIGATION ~ CONCLUSION to win the newly titled GFC Tag-Team Championships
59The UK Dragons
(Laurel Anne Hardy and Evangelista)
1May 19, 2013135Glasgow, ScotlandFirst GFC title defense outside Japan, officially transforming to the GFC World Tag-Team Championships
60The Shoot Kings
(Madman Szalinski and Graham Clauson)
1October 1, 201371Newcastle, England
61Dangerous Minds
(Jonathan Collins and Chandler Scott)
1December 11, 2013233
Vacated on 1st August 2014 when Collins & Scott left FRONTIER.
62The English Purity Movement
(Summer Collins and Crystal Swift)
1August 24th, 201449London, Englanddef. Fear & Loathing In The UK (Sylar Drake & Sterling Everett) @ Last Fight of the Proms
63Fear & Loathing in the UK
(Sterling Everett and Sylar Drake)
1October 12th, 201463Bournemouth, England
64The UK Dragons
(Laurel Anne Hardy (2) and Evangelista (2))
2December 14th, 2014120Nottingham, England
65Silas World
(Diana Tremblay & Marie Jones)
1February 9th, 201551Sheffield, England
Vacated on 1st April 2015 due to inactivity.
66Blood Club
(Yuuta Mori (5) and Akio Kuriyama)
1March 9, 2016205Tokyo, Japandef. G.O.L.D (Rikiya Sekimoto & Haruto Mori) in tournament finals
67The Pioneers
(Steve Anderson and El Mejor Jr.)
1September 30, 2016155Kobe, Japan
68The New Pride
(Daisuke Suzuki & Maya Ohno)
1March 4, 201728Tokyo, Japan
69The Pioneers
(Steve Anderson (2) and El Mejor Jr.(2))
2April 1, 201717+Fukuoka, Japan


Name(s):Days Held:Date Won:Date Lost:
G4554June 28, 2008
The Warriors351December 3, 1993
War Tigers (Blood Tiger and Tiger Kid)347January 25, 1998
G4323January 16, 2005
Grand Stage Kings268October 22, 2001
Kenzo Kikuchi and Ryota Fujiwara254March 4, 1992
Dangerous Minds233December 11, 2013
War Tigers (Blood Tiger and Tiger Beast)229June 9, 1995
Shinji Watanabe and Shuji Satoshi224June 8, 2003
Gold House (Ikeda and Takahashi)217July 4, 2010
Blood Club (Y.Mori and Kuriyama)205March 9, 2016
Shuji Satoshi and Shingo Kobayashi191January 14, 2001
Rikiya Sekimoto and Ren Itou190February 17, 2007
Tim Worthington and Jackie Sweets 188June 12, 2004
Minoru Hirota and Ryoichi Karasuma181December 10, 1994
Blood Circle (Black Dragon and Genji)177January 3, 2008
The Pioneers155September 30,2016
The Pride (Yamashita and Itou)153January 7, 1999
Grand Stage Kings153December 6, 2002
G4149October 23, 2011
War Tigers (Blood Tiger II and Tiger Beast )146January 18, 2004
Kinnojo Gakusha and Tatsui Akaike135March 6, 1990
Kenzo Kikuchi and Ryota Fujiwara 135July 24, 1991
The UK Dragons 135May 19, 2013
Terao Katsu and Robert Jackson134September 5, 1996
Nobuyori Shigi and Mitsuharu Miyagi132December 7, 1990
War Tigers (Blood Tiger II and Tiger Beast )132June 17, 2012
War Tigers (Blood Tiger and Tiger Beast )130January 17, 1997
War Tigers (Blood Tiger II and Tiger Beast)130August 26, 2007
War Tigers (Blood Tiger II and Tiger Beast)126June 19, 2011
The UK Dragons120December 14, 2014
Mad House (Umesaka and Nagatomi)120October 23, 1999
Blood Circle (Black Dragon and OMEGA)117February 6, 2011
Brothers in Arms113October 4, 1997
The Warriors 110January 30, 1993
War Tigers (Blood Tiger and Tiger Beast)106May 20, 1993
Saneatsu Ishinomori and Minoru Hirota105May 23, 1996
Tim Worthington and Jackie Sweets100July 14, 2001
War Tigers (Blood Tiger and Tiger Kid)93February 20, 1996
Ryoichi Karasuma and Hiroki Kokubun90July 22, 1989
Shingo Kobayashi and Nobuyori Shigi90December 6, 1989
Yoshinaka Namiki and Doppo Osaragi89December 6, 1991
G485July 17, 2002
Daiki Kubo and Kenta Yoshida81April 2, 1989
Kenzo Kikuchi and Ryota Fujiwara 79April 18, 1991
Kenta Urinoe and Hiro Yuko71September 3, 1993
Mad House (Nagatomi and OMEGA)71July 25, 1997
The Shoot Kings71October 1, 2013
The English Purity Movement69August 24th, 2014
Gold House (Takahashi and Am. Dragon)65January 3, 2010
Fear & Loathing in the UK63October 12, 2014
War Tigers (Blood Tiger II and Tiger Beast )61March 20, 2012
Brothers in Arms59May 27, 1997
The Pride (Yamashita and Abe)59August 25, 1999
Terao Katsu and Stanislas Mihailovic58February 20, 2000
Takahiro Ibuki and Alex Sheild57December 4, 1992
Silas World51February 9, 2015
Go Strong50March 30, 2013
The English Purity Movement49August 24, 2014
Mad House (Nagatomi and OMEGA)44June 9, 1999
Daiki Kubo and Kenta Yoshida40October 20, 1989
Brothers in Arms33July 23, 1999
The New Pride28March 4, 2017
Benjamin Doi and The Betamax Kid28May 20, 2012
The Warriors 27January 24, 1996
Brothers in Arms 18July 6, 1991
The Pioneers17+April 1, 2017
Alex Shield and Cody Lines11July 11, 1989
Alex Shield and Cody Lines8July 19, 1990
War Tigers (Blood Tiger and Tiger Beast)7June 9, 2000


Name(s):# of Reigns:Combined Days:
War Tigers (Blood Tiger II and Tiger Beast )5595
The Warriors3488
War Tigers (Blood Tiger and Tiger Beast)4472
Kenzo Kikuchi and Ryota Fujiwara3468
War Tigers (Blood Tiger and Tiger Kid)2440
Grand Stage Kings2421
Tim Worthington and Jackie Sweets 2288
The UK Dragons 2255
Dangerous Minds1233
Shinji Watanabe and Shuji Satoshi 1224
Brothers in Arms4223
Gold House (Ikeda and Takahashi)1217
Blood Club (Y.Mori and Kuriyama)1205
Shuji Satoshi and Shingo Kobayashi1191
Rikiya Sekimoto and Ren Itou1190
Minoru Hirota and Ryoichi Karasuma1181
Blood Circle (Black Dragon and Genji)1177
The Pioneers2172+
The Pride (Yamashita and Itou)1153
Kinnojo Gakusha and Tatsui Akaike1135
Terao Katsu and Robert Jackson1134
Nobuyori Shigi and Mitsuharu Miyagi1132
Daiki Kubo and Kenta Yoshida2121
Mad House (Umesaka and Nagatomi)1120
Blood Circle (Black Dragon and OMEGA)1117
Mad House (Nagatomi and OMEGA)2115
Saneatsu Ishinomori and Minoru Hirota1105
Ryoichi Karasuma and Hiroki Kokubun190
Shingo Kobayashi and Nobuyori Shigi190
Yoshinaka Namiki and Doppo Osaragi189
Kenta Urinoe and Hiro Yuko171
The Shoot Kings171
The English Purity Movement169
Gold House (Takahashi and Am. Dragon)165
Fear & Loathing in the UK163
The Pride (Yamashita and Abe)159
Terao Katsu and Stanislas Mihailovic158
Takahiro Ibuki and Alex Sheild157
Silas World151
Go Strong150
The English Purity Movement149
The New Pride128
Benjamin Doi and The Betamax Kid128
Alex Shield and Cody Lines219



Name(s):# of Reigns:Combined Days:
War Tigers111507
The Warriors3488
Kenzo Kikuchi and Ryota Fujiwara3468
Grand Stage Kings2421
Blood Circle 2294
Tim Worthington and Jackie Sweets 2288
Gold House2282
The UK Dragons2255
Mad House3235
Dangerous Minds1233