FRONTLINE press conference

FRONTLINE press conference

The screen fades to white and in blue text the word “FRONTLINE” appears, followed by a series of Japanese kanji. The words fade and we find ourselves in a conference room of a hotel, journalists and cameras set up facing a long table which is covered in microphones. Behind the table is a board with the FRONTLINE logo all over it, along with several logos of Japanese companies right alongside the Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER logo and the GFC logo.

From the right of the screen comes a Japanese woman in a smart trouser suit, followed by a man familiar to many FRONTIER fans. This is Alan Galpin, president of the GFC, and Hanako Yamamoto, vice-president. They take up seats in the middle of the table, each taking a sip of water from glasses laid out for them. Hanako Yamamoto begins to address the crowd in Japanese and we can hear a translator.

HY: Thank you for joining us, it is a pleasure to speak to you all today. I’ll spare the pleasantries and skip straight to business, there will be a chance for questions once our statement is concluded.

She sips some more water and clears her throat.

HY: It is with great pleasure that I can formally announce today that the Global Frontier Crown is coming to Japan. You will have heard recently that I have taken ownership of Tokyo Pure Wrestling? Well today I am happy to inform you that on March 8th the company will re-launch as Pro-Wrestling FRONTLINE. All of the great stars of TPW remain, with the exception of Dragon Takeshi who has decided to retire from the business. We are sorry that he will not be joining us on this journey, and thank him for the decades of hard work he put into this company since he was part of the team that opened TPW back in the early 1980’s.

HY: As well as the great roster of talent that TPW had we’re also pleased to inform you that there has been an influx of new talent. Great Japanese stars like Kenta Urinoe, Hiro Yuko, Katsutoshi di Limones, BIFU, OOKAMI no Chi and Kenta Yamashita will all be joining us. We are hopeful that more names will be added to this impressive list in the coming weeks.

HY: We are also pleased to announce the first five gaijin stars who will join us for the first tour this March. Those names are; Jason Richards, Adam Stryker, Troy Gafgen, Ryan Kidd and Saiko Yunokawa.

Yamamoto finishes what she is saying and allows Alan Galpin to continue from here.

AG:  The GFC’s presence in FRONTIER is pretty much ceremonial at this point, but our ethics and beliefs are based on some of the finest puro companies in Japans history, so it’s to be expected that when Hanako came to me with the news she was buying a wrestling company I jumped at the chance to get the GFC involved. We’ve created four new GFC Championships specifically for FRONTLINE, and we’ve agreed with FRONTIER that they are able to be defended in either company. Matt Montell was particularly interested in the new GFC Tag-Team Championships.

AG: I know that certain people were holding TPW titles when the company closed in November, but FRONTLINE is to be a new start, a clean slate. So all the new GFC titles are vacated pending tournaments to crown all new champions.

Yamamoto continues as she explains more details about the company’s new dealings.

HY: We are also very pleased to announce a deal with Nippon TV and SkyPerfecTV. FRONTLINE POWER WRESTLING will air at 7pm every Sunday evening on Nippon TV from 17th March.  And our big showcase events will air monthly at 8pm through SkyPerfecTV. We believe these deals will bring FRONTLINE into many homes all over Japan and we can’t wait to see our first show!

HY: We’ll now open the floor to questions.

Reporter #1: Why is Saiko Yunokawa included in the gaijin roster, isn’t she Japanese?

HY: Saiko is part Japanese and so by some people she would not be classed as a gaijin, but this is a decision that has been taken by us and we are sticking by it.

Reporter #1: Is there any chance she’d be allowed to join the main roster in time?

HY: Any gaijin stars that appear in more than two tours will be considered for full time non-gaijin roster status should we be suitably impressed. This is what happened with Black Dragon several years ago and it’s a tradition we’re happy to continue.

Reporter #2: I understand that OOKAMI no Chi is the niece of Jun Ikeda? Will she be joining her uncle and her cousin, Ken20, in Gold House?

HY: That is for Ikeda-san to decide.

Reporter #3: And what of Kenta Yamashita? He is a long time ally of Jun Ikeda but also a former partner of Kazuki Suzuki, any news on his allegiances?

HY: While it is not my place to say with certainty, I think Kenta made his position perfectly clear earlier tonight.

Reporter #4:  Are you referring to what happened in London tonight? Blood Circle made an appearance on FRONTIER’s Frontline iPPV; was this trip to the UK sanctioned?

HY: No, I knew nothing about it. But if they want to go half way around the world to make fools of themselves then they are most welcome.

Reporter #1: And what of Yamashita’s claims he will have a match against them at FRONTLINE’s first Budokan show?

HY: I will ensure that match takes place.

Reporter #3: How does it feel to be back in Japan and back in the wrestling business?

HY: I am very honoured to be working with such a great team and I am lucky to have such hardworking people in the company. On a personal note I am very happy to have returned to Japan. I have been away for several years and it’s good to be back.

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