History (OOC)

History (OOC)

This is the Out-of-Character history of FRONTLINE:

What you see before you as Pro-Wrestling FRONTLINE began life on Fire Pro Wrestling Returns on the PS2. Back then it was called Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER; and the original save I posted on Fire Pro Club can still be found on Fire Pro Arena (check file 7919 under the name Albie).

I later stole the name from myself to create a roleplaying eFed called Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER. As well as other peoples characters that they brought to the table I utilised a few of my Fire Pro edits to become NPC’s in FRONTIER, including Kenta Yamashita and a Mexican version of Blood Tiger.

FRONTIER ran for a few good years, and spawned a Japanese spin-off, Pro-Wrestling FRONTLINE. FRONTLINE was an angle based eFed run for fun by those already part of FRONTIER as well as a few others who came along for the ride. It was never meant to be a big thing, just a little project to expand the “FRONTIER Universe” a little.

The story of FRONTLINE was that a businesswoman had recently purchased a small promotion called Tokyo Pure Wrestling and set about trying to make a global brand. A new championship committee was formed, the GFC (Global Frontier Crown), and yes that’s a direct rip-off from NOAH’s GHC.

FRONTLINE had a lot of NPC’s, which were basically all my old Fire Pro edits, and used Fire Pro screenshots for roster images and the like. We started with a few house shows and one big PPV event, “OPENING NAVIGATION ~ CONCLUSION” where our first GFC champions were crowned. FRONTLINE didn’t last long past this, sadly, as FRONTIER needed more attention. The website was deleted, which was a dumb move on my part, and FRONTLINE was soon forgotten.

My Fire Pro playing days came to an end around the same time. Partly due to time constraints, partly because my backwards compatible PS3 blew up and my new one wouldn’t play my copy of FPWR (this was before the PSN release).

But in 2017 Fire Pro fans were buoyed by the news of Fire Pro Wrestling World, due for release through Steam and PS4. That news really excited me, got me thinking about my old save again, and made me get back on the FRONTLINE horse.

The new FRONTLINE is not an angled, nor a roleplaying eFed. I have a history of running those (ECWF, BWA, MWA, FRONTIER) and competing in them (AXE, MWA, IGA, PSW, EXODUS, HOW) and always ended up flaking in a way that was disappointing to me and probably a pain in the arse to my opponents/bookers. So the new FRONTLINE will remain as a Fire Pro eFed, just a place for me to create fun shows with my own characters, posting results, screenshots, videos and whatever else I can think of.

As of April 20th 2017 I’m working out the roster that I’ll be working with, filling in the gaps in the championship histories since FRONTLINE last existed and a bunch of other stuff along similar lines. Once I know when I’ll be able to get my hands on Fire Pro I’ll be able to come up with some kind of launch date. Until then I’ll be posting articles about the companies history and wrestler spotlights. If there’s anything you want to know about FRONTLINE, just get in touch.