Pro-Wrestling FRONTLINE is one of Japan’s leading wrestling promotions, home to the best in Japanese wrestling talent and with a history of putting on the best shows in the land.

FRONTLINE started life as Tokyo Pure Wrestling in 1989. TPW was formed by former wrestlers Masaru Yamamoto & Dragon Takeshi, with support from others, and began promoting shows in the Tokyo area with a combination of young local talent and established stars who joined from other companies as their careers began to wind down. This combination worked well for TPW and by 1999 the company was one of the most respected wrestling promotions in Japan.

Yamamoto would later be forced out of the company he loved, and the company took a change in direction, trying to keep up with more modern styles and introducing a more “extreme” style of matches. This caused Yamamoto an enormous amount of stress and heartache, and he passed away as a result of a cardiac arrest just four months after leaving the company he helped create.

TPW saw attendances fall between 2010 and 2012, which lead to financial problems for the company. Hanako Yamamoto, daughter of Masaru, stepped forward and took control of the company from the hands of the men that had once ousted her father.

Tokyo Pure Wrestling ceased shows in late 2012, and re-launched as Pro-Wrestling FRONTLINE in early 2013.

FRONTLINE was aimed at returning to TPW’s roots, but bringing it to the global market. Stars from the US & UK were brought in to help draw an international following, and it worked. FRONTLINE became a global internet darling, and Japanese audiences returned to their previous heights.

Things have not remained so smooth, such is life in the modern on-demand age, but FRONTLINE has maintained its beliefs and honour throughout.