Troy Gafgen


Nickname: Jersey’s Favorite Son
Hometown: Trenton, New Jersey
Home Promotion: Reborn Wrestling
Birthdate: 15th October, 1985
Theme Music: Sandpaper by Fozzy
Weight: 108 kg
Height: 196 cm

Troy has shaved hair and a beard. He is well defined. His ring gear includes jeans and boots. He usually wears a leather jacket and aviators to the ring.

Signature Moves:

  • Powerbomb
  • Lung blower
  • Sidewalk slam
  • Chaos Theory Neckbreaker
  • The Sickness – (Hellavator)

Fighting Style:

Troy is best described as a ruthless opportunist.


His past doesn’t like to be brought up. Only when talking about current and other federations he’s been involved in. Federations include the TWF, EMF, GEW, Reborn Wrestling, RU and many others.

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