Ryan Kidd




Nickname: Pro Wrestling’s Evil Knievel
Hometown: Long Beach, California
Birthdate: January 15, 1992
Theme Music: “Unbroken” by Killswitch Engage
Weight: 97.5kg
Height: 183cm

Finishing Moves
– End Game (Ranhei)
– Leap of Faith (Swanton Bomb)
– Skywalker (Shiranui) *DESPERATION FINISHER*

Trademark Moves
– The Breakdown (JTG’s Da Shoutout)
– Ricochet (Jeff Hardy’s Whisper In The Wind)
– Sudden Impact (Superkick)

Wrestling Style:
– Highflying
– Aggressive/Daredevil


A kid who has been involved with the Extreme sports scene in Southern California since he was 12 and has been involved in the Southern California hardcore scene since he was 15, Ryan Kidd, born Ryan Lopez to a Mexican immigrant father and American mother, found wrestling through a fellow skater, Jackson Cade, who doubles as an independent pro wrestler. Ryan attended one of the Jackson’s independent wrestling show and fell in love with it almost immediately. Ryan met and talked to Jackson’s promoter and trainer, Scott Hayes, who agreed to train him. With his balls to the walls attitude and his God-given athleticism, Ryan picked up things quicker than most of Scott’s student thus impressing him. Ryan stood out from all the other students and After a couple of months of training with him, Ryan made his debut earlier this year in one of Scott‘s shows. He got over quickly due to his natural charisma and ability in the ring and he is currently one of the most popular independent wrestlers in the Southern California area.

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