Katsutoshi di Limones

dilimonesNickname: The Marmalade King
Hometown: Otsuki
Birthdate: 7th July, 1989
Theme Music: Lemon Jelly feat. William Shatner – “’64 a.k.a. Go”
Weight: 83kg
Height: 180cm


Pretty-boy handsome. Shaggy, voluminous, medium-brown hair. Lithe, athletic build. Wide light brown eyes. Broad, charismatic smile.

Ring attire: White calf boots with abstract lemon slice designs in sky blue. Long sky blue tights with the same design in yellow. Jagged black lightning bolt down the side of each upper thigh. Plain black elbow pads.

He sometimes wears a white scarf while wrestling.

Signature Moves:

  • A series of stiff left-handed knife edge chops, accompanied by him calling out the names of various varieties of lemon.
  • “Marmalade Tang” – Ranhei.
  • “Everybody Do The Citrus Jive” – Standing front flip leg drop, with disco dancing.
  • “The Lemon Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree” – Tree of woe lungblower.
  • “Carbonator” – Running front flip dropkick.
  • “Taste Explosion Lite” – Standing shooting star double foot stomp.
  • Finisher: “Original Recipe Taste Explosion” – Diving shooting star double foot stomp.

Wrestling Style:

Standard Japanese light heavyweight, utilising agile technical throws, aerial manoeuvres, and good old fashioned speed. He’s a competent wrestler, although not a great one.

He is a cunning opportunist who seizes moments wherever he can, and will do whatever it takes to get the pinfall. He is willing to cheat and is pretty cowardly.


A model whose visage can be seen on billboards and TV commercials all across Honshu, advertising products ranging from electronics to life insurance. For some reason, he decided to break into wrestling. He dances real good.

Katsutoshi sure does love his lemonade – specifically, Sicilian Pride Lemonade, which he shills at every opportunity. The brand appears to be entirely made up, however.

Accompanying him to the ring is a young lady named Bachiko – taciturn, austere and antisocial, and given to dressing in conservative monochromatic clothing. She’ll help him cheat, but beyond that she just stands there holding a pitcher of icy lemonade and a goblet on a silver tray. Katsutoshi periodically leaves the ring during matches to drink his lemonade, and he’s also fond of breaking into dance-offs.

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