Jason Richards

richards “The American Wolf”

Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Home Promotion: Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER
Birthdate: 20th November 1985
Theme Music: “Clutch” Barrie Gledden
Weight: 98.3 kg
Height: 175 cm


Signature Moves:

1. Running Corner Forearm Smash
2.  Cloverleaf
3.  Release Tiger Suplex
4.  Inverted Cloverleaf
5. Kimura With Headscissors
6.  Shooting Star Press
7. Missile Dropkick
8.  Powerbomb Hold
9.  Grounded Chest Kick
10. Quebrada
11. Belly to Back Facebuster
12. Backpack Stunner
13. Fireman’s Carry Facebuster
14.  Diving Facebreaker
15.  Half Crab Hold
16. Saito Suplex
17. Roundhouse Kick
18.  Rolling Armbar
19. Leg-Hook Saito Suplex
20. Exploder Suplex
21. Falcon Arrow Suplex
22. German Suplex
23. Diving Headbutt
24. Fireman’s Carry Double Knee Gutbuster
25. Diving Moonsault


Fighting Style:

Strong Style

Jason was born on November 20th  1985 to a middle class family in the suburbs of Seattle  Washington. Growing up he fell in love with professional wrestling. The difference being while most were watching main stream wrestling Jason was watching Japanese wrestling. Jason loved there intense honor and pride. He graduated high school and began training working his way through college. He has been a main stay on the independent scene. He lives by the code of honor and

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