byakuraiNickname: Man of Ten Million Masks, Faceless Dragon

Hometown: Sendai
Birthdate: May 3, 1980
Theme Music: “914” by Liquid Tension Experiment
Weight: 88kg
Height: 180cm

For a smaller man he’s defined very nicely. His face is hidden except for his mouth and eyes behind a dragon mask that alternates from time to time, but his default color is black and red with a golden trim for the details on the mask. He wears baggy black pants with gold tribal designs running down both legs. On his upper body he wears forearm sleeves and black elbowpads. His hands are covered by black gloves with red padding on the palms and on the top.

Signature Moves:

  • Handspring Enzugiri
  • Springboard Hurricanrana
  • Diving Tornado DDT
  • Flash Kick
  • Springboard Double Knee Drop Takedown to a standing opponent
  • Black Dragon – Running Hurricanrana to kneeling opponent
  • Dragon Special – Headscissors transitioned into an Octopus Stretch Hold
  • Dark Magic – Bridging evade caught into Asai DDT
  • SHENRON – Phoenix Splash (can be feinted into a moonsault land into standing Phoenix Splash)(primary finisher)
  • Dragon Buster- Double underhook Facebuster (can be done from top rope for desperation.) (secondary)

Fighting Style:
“Speedstar” is a word to describe BYAKURAI. He’s agile, a very quick wrestler who uses that to his advantage. Through his arsenal are moves that keep his opponents off balance throughout a match. Along with his speed BYAKURAI is a gravity atheist, showing no grasp of the concept without his highflying arsenal. He’s always on his toes, and is always moving around so he can keep his opponent guessing.

The BYAKURAI mask has been worn by one man, Oda Yokohama. Throughout Japan the masked Dragon was a feared competitor. As the time began to age, Oda began to age as well. When that time game, Oda passed on legacy to his son, Kei, who donned the mask for him when he was a very young man. Kei traveled overseas West and began wrestling in companies and winning a few titles, before returning back to Japan to continue his career. Kei now BYAKURAI in his own right has come to FRONTLINE to fight!

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