bifuNickname: Japan’s Strongest Man
Hometown: Obihiro
Birthdate: 4th August, 1979
Theme Music: The Mad Capsule Markets – “Tribe”
Weight: 135kg
Height: 199cm


Broad, ruddy face with narrow eyes and slight underbite. Short black hair in a spiky fauxhawk. Broad build, very muscular. Dark, cold brown eyes.

Ring Attire: Red and yellow shorts with black kanji for “Japan’s Strongest Man” across the seat. Black boots and knee pads. The boots have the same kanji design in white. White wrist/palm tape. Thin bicep bands – left is yellow, right is red.

Outside Attire: The same, with a T-shirt over the top.

Signature Moves:

  • “ICHI Driver” – One handed tombstone piledriver. With his free hand, he slowly raises it to point to the sky with one finger before dropping to his knees.
  • Chokeslam
  • Multiple spinebusters, dragging the back opponent up after each one
  • Rolling sleeper

Wrestling Style:

Pure power. His strength is by far his greatest asset and he centres his offence around it. He respects technical acumen, and is functionally competent in technical wrestling, but he’s hardly a master. He has little time for either high flying or brawling and sees people who use those styles as inferior. He absolutely detests garbage wrestling and considers its practitioners a joke.

He has the common big man weaknesses of slowness and low stamina.

He’s not usually a cheater unless someone particularly riles him, but he is definitely a heel. He likes to toy with opponents when he has the advantage, and loves to showboat, and is angry and aggressive basically all the time.


Adachi Yusuku was always physically huge and astonishingly strong, and in his teen years he supplemented his income as a farmhand with amateur boxing and wrestling. By the age of 20 he was competing in Hokkaido-wide promotions under the nickname he’d had since school, Bifu, literally meaning ‘Beef,’ and it was never in question that he’d
turn pro.

At age 24, he was called up for a semi-notable major promotion in the Kobe/Osaka area. He found himself stuck in the lower card, however, and – having previously always been a big fish in a small pond – felt he deserved better. He embraced his increasing aggressive, bitter side and switched his ring persona from strong but meek boy to uncaged animal, and found a level of success he’d never encountered before.

He caught the attention of an Australian promoter and continued refining himself down under, then travelled to the USA where he landed a contract with Julius Jacobs’ Universal Championship Wrestling. However, he found that due to his foreign ways, he wasn’t taken seriously and was continually booked in the lower end of the card. Disheartened, and disgusted by the smear campaign Jacobs targeted his friend Vorossa with, BIFU returned to Japan shortly before the company’s closure, forsaking the North American wrestling scene.

But he struggled to regain a footing in Japan. He signed with Eiji Honda’s IGNITE and defeated Terry Redwood on its one and only show, before falling back into local indie obscurity.

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