Adam Stryker


Nickname: Hijōshikina Kirā (The Mad Killer)
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Home Promotion: Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER
Birthdate: 5th January 1986
Theme Music: Death Note Opening – The World
Weight: 99 kg
Height: 183 cm

Well built guy with semi-long black hair and sometimes a goatee, often sporting a black wrestling singlet in matches. In segments or anything aside the matches, he often has a “Stryke Dojo” hoodie or a t-shirt of his favorite band.

Signature Moves:
1. Definition of Mayhem (Suplex lift flipped into a Double Knee Backbreaker)
2. Headhunter Kick (Busaiku Knee Kick)
3. Holyshitplex (Half Nelson Suplex on the apron, ringside floor, or opened chair)

1. Kirā Klutch (Pentagram Choke) – PRIMARY SUBMISSION FINISHER
2. Amateur Brain Surgery (Cut-Throat Driver) – PRIMARY PINFALL FINISHER
3. Another Way To Die (Two Butterfly Suplexes followed by Butterfly Brainbuster) – SECONDARY PINFALL FINISHER
4. Another Way To Die II (Two Butterfly Suplexes followed by Butterfly Brainbuster followed by a Cross Armbreaker) –  THE “BIG MATCH” FINISHER

Fighting Style:
Aggresive type of wrestler who loves hard hitting offense, be it kicks, punches, chops, lariats or headbutts. He is a submission expert and great technical wrestler… though he loves to have a bloody hardcore fight.

Adam is a son of “The Incarnation of Death” Douglas Stryker, a two time World Champion from the times of his old home promotion, LAWA. Now he mainly performs in Pro Wrestling X, where he began the year 2013 by winning the Hybrid Championship and becoming one half of tag team champions.

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