Weekly News Round-Up for Week of February 18th

Weekly News Round-Up for Week of February 18th

Even with the official press conference still six days away, news is starting to filter out of PWF’s Tokyo office.

President Hanako Yamamoto has apparently confirmed a deal with Nippon TV that will see the broadcaster show an hour long weekly round-up of FRONTLINE action every Sunday night. The first show, titled “FRONTLINE POWER WRESTLING”, will air at 7pm on Sunday 17th March.

As well as this, it is believed that negotiations are still on-going with SkyPerfecTV to get the bigger monthly shows aired on a pay-per-view basis.

A FRONTLINE spokesperson has confirmed that it will employ a maximum of five gaijin wrestlers at any one time. Due to a working arrangement with the UK’s Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER it is expected that it will become common to see FRONTIER stars on FRONTLINE tours. In order to give others a chance FRONTIER wrestlers will be limited to a maximum of three on any one tour.

Rumours are circulating that FRONTIER’s Adam Stryker will become the first gaijin to make the journey to Japan. Official confirmation is expected at the press conference this coming weekend.

We also understand that a female relative of Jun Ikeda is likely to sign with the company before the first tour begins. This would make her the first joshi star on the FRONTLINE roster. No idea yet how this move would fit into the wider roster; will we see a seperate joshi division?

And finally, it is being widely reported online that another FRONTIER contracted wrestler, Kenta Yamashita, will be returning to his native Japan on a full time basis. Yamashita previously competed in Tokyo Pure Wrestling and is familiar with many of the FRONTLINE wrestlers. In fact he was previously a member of the group now known as Gold House. Will Yamashita return to his Gold House roots? I guess only time will tell on that one.

We’ll be back next week with another news round-up, likely to be dealing with the fallout of Sunday’s press conference!

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