Full results of Pro-Wrestling FRONTLINE’s TV show, FRONTLINE POWER WRESTLING Episode #2!


Show Intro
We get our intro video package with highlights from last weeks show before some graphics that remind us this show was recorded at the Nagano Athletic Park All Purpose Gym and is a continuation of the OPENING NAVIGATION tour. Then we’re straight into this weeks action.

Minoru Hirota, Tomo Nakamura & Rikiya Sekimoto vs. Ryo Unikawa, Akio Kuriyama & Troy Gafgen
6-Man Tag to start as some of the Tokyo Pure veterans mix with FRONTLINE’s new blood in what was a pretty interesting match. Hirota took the lead for his team, showing why he used to be in Japan’s Olympic wrestling squad. He out-wrestled Kuriyama for the opening stages before Unikawa came in and managed to get his team back into the match, especially after some quick tags with Gafgen and some useful double team moves. Gafgen almost won the match with a powerbomb on Nakamura but Hirota made the save. Unikawa tagged back in and while his partners were keeping Hirota and Sekimoto busy he locked in the Katahajime and Nakamura tapped out.

Yamamoto talks
We see a pre-record of a photo shoot where Kenchi Yamamoto is discussing why he signed with the promotion. He discusses how he had planned to watch the competition, see where he fitted into FRONTLINE. He said that being a part of the GFC Japanese Heavyweight Championship qualifying matches was unexpected, especially facing Kazuki Suzuki. He discussed how he believes Japan’s strong style is tattered and that he will prove it when the time comes.

Kenta Urinoe vs. Yuji Shibata
Now this was an interesting encounter. Urinoe, a death match legend who has turned his back on hardcore matches and now openly abhors them. On the other side of the ring Shibata, a young man whose determination to succeed has seen him wrestle the world over. When the bell sounded to start this contest Shibata took the fight to Urinoe, getting a near fall from a Springboard Busaiku Knee Kick. Urinoe fought back, taking control of the match with some brutal elbow strikes. He almost won the match with a corkscew lariat, but Shibata kicked out at the last moment. Shibata grew agitated and deliberately pulled the referee in the way of another lariat attempt. With the referee down Shibata grabbed a steel chair and tried to attack Urinoe with it. Urinoe blocked the shot and tossed out the chair, but Shibata had gotten himself a barbed-wire bat from under the ring to replace it. Urinoe shook his head, rolled out of the ring and walked away. He could be heard shouting at Shibata, telling him that weapons are not the way to fight and refusing to be a part of this. The referee came to and Urinoe was counted out.

SENSEI’S LESSON TAG MATCH: Ryoichi Karasuma & Tokihiko Yokoyama vs. Ryan Kidd & Hiro Yuko
At the last show we saw Karasuma come out to talk to Hiro Yuko after his match, telling him he was undignified in his performance, a fact that didn’t sit well with Yuko. During the week Yokoyama had similar things to say about Ryan Kidd, so this match was signed for them to settle their differences in the ring. However this match has possibly only served to make things worse. It was a relatively even match until Ryan Kidd spotted an opportunity and used his partners finisher, Cyclone Fury, on Yokoyama. Karasuma made the save before Kidd and Yuko began to argue, although the language barrier was a problem for them. Yuko tags himself in, but is met by a fresh Karasuma who takes him down and locks him int the Strangle Hold Alpha! Yuko yells out, but doesn’t tap. Karasuma tightens the hold, a hold that has led to three of Karasuma’s TPW World Title reigns. Amazingly Yuko still doesn’t tap, but after four long minutes the referee finally calls for the bell.

Yuko receives attention
Yuko is administered oxygen at ringside while Karasuma demands the “trash” be taken out of his ring. With Yuko having no answer for the strangle hold alpha, the announcers question his chances at “Opening Navigation ~ Conclusion” when he is set to go one-on-one with the veteran.

BYAKURAI vs. Saiko Yunokawa
Saiko appeared visibly excited about this match as she made her way to the ring and awaited her opponent. Once BYAKURAI was in and ready to go Saiko crossed the ring to speak to him. The ringside microphones just about picked up what she was saying, she suggested that they put on a demonstration of defying the laws of physics and reason. BYAKURAI appears to nod at the idea and when the bell sounds they begin their show. It’s a show-reel of impressive aerial ability from both competitors as BYAKURAI gets the first near fall from a Springboard Hurricanrana before being put down for two after Saiko one-up’s him with a Springboard Phoenix Dragonrana. BYAKURAI’s Handspring Enzugiri is followed by Saiko’s The Poseidon Misadventure and when she connects with a springboard corkscew senton BYAKURAI strikes right back with the Black Dragon for a pin that surely was a 2.9! After a great series of reversals Saiko pulled out the “Flower Plower Mk.III: Terror From Beneath” and finished the match with a pinfall victory.

Other results
Before heading to commercial break we get brief highlights of two other matches.

  • IS OOKAMI WORTHY? TRIAL MATCH #3: OOKAMI no Chi beat Katsutoshi di Limones by pinfall after the Chasedown Bomb. (06:36)
  • BIFU beat Suehiro Umesaka in emphatic style after using the ICHI Driver. (04:38)
  • GFC JAPANESE CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFYING MATCH: Hiroshi Takahashi beat Kazushi Nanahara by pinfall after the Blizzard Suplex. (14:09)
  • GFC JAPANESE CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFYING MATCH: Kenta Yamashita beat Shinji Watanabe by submission after using the Heel Hold. (16:27)


GO STRONG VS. RISING SONS: Adam Stryker & Jason Richards vs. Shinji Ishikawa & Naoki Fujita
Any fan of FRONTLINE can’t help to have noticed the momentum Go Strong have gained since their arrival in Japan. there has already been talk of them being the first team in contention for the GFC Tag-Team Championships. But the question is, which team will they face for those titles? They have already defeated Gold House and the War Tigers, and tonight they face Rising Sons before going on to battle Blood Circle on March 30th. In this match they continued to show their dominance against a team that has little experience and has not been together for long. Ishikawa and Fujita are talented, of that there is no doubt. But here they were out-classed and out-gunned and when Jason Richards connected with the Emerald City Flash on Fujita, the pinfall was academic.  Go Strong continue their tag-team dominance of FRONTLINE.

Blood Circle attack
After the match Black Dragon, OMEGA, Yoshihiro Ojima and Takeshi Genji all rushed to the ring and began to assault Stryker and Richards. The American Wolf looked like he was going to fend all four men off on his own, but the numbers soon caught up with him. Kenta Yamashita rushed the ring to help his friends but after initially making an impact he was attacked from behind by the late arrival of Kazuki Suzuki. Suzuki got on the microphone and told Yamashita that coming back to Japan was a mistake, one he was going to rectify when Blood Circle humiliate him and Go Strong in less than a week. Blood Circle leave the ring after having sprayed red paint circles on their enemies chests.

This match had classic written all over it, on paper it should have been one of the matches of the evening. Unfortunately Yamamoto appeared to be off the pace, like ring-rust has taken its toll. And unfortunately for Kenchi his opponent is not the sort of man you want to face when you’re not at your best. Suzuki looked to take apart Yamamoto and focused his attack on the former GFC Champion’s back. He lands some stiff shots to the back and gets a near fall from a Doctor Bomb. Yamamoto seemed to perk up as the match went on, using the crowds cheers to fire himself up and a massive lariat turned Suzuki inside out and almost won the match. But Suzuki snuck a low blow while the ref was distracted and an impressive show of strength saw him lift Yamamoto up for the Blood Bomb, which lead to the three count.

Gafgen calls out Yunokawa
The shot cuts back to Troy Gafgen standing against a wall with a smirk on his face.

Troy Gafgen: “You know, a person’s past can be a deadly thing. In on instance, it could show that they were always a great person, but more times than not…it’s a reflection on who they really are. Let me explain this; Saiko Yunokawa. I know you are Laurel Hardy…and it’s funny how you try to come out here and act like this nice person who wants to be respectful, when you don’t know the first thing about respect! You see, awhile back the “beloved” Laurel Hardy ran through an organization called GEW. She was in a group know as The Asylum. During their time, they were horrendous; attacking anyone and everyone. There even went out and attacked the world champion…which was ME! Laurel…you want to claim you’ve changed? I don’t believe you, and these people out there don’t believe you either. One thing is certain though; you’re going to pay for what you did!”

With that last sentence, Troy shrugs his shoulders and walks off.

This battle is the latest in a long line of matches between these two FRONTLINE legends. For years Ikeda has tried to persuade Sato to join Gold House and fight against Blood Circle, but Sato has always been a lone wolf. Out of respect for that Ikeda made sure that no Gold House members were ringside for this contest, telling Ken20 and Hiroki Kokubun to leave the ringside area. The match wasn’t their best ever, but it was hard fought and the crowd were highly entertained. Ikeda refused to submit to the Dancing Yahoo while Sato managed to kick out after the Sudden Impact II. After some back and forth action it looked like Ikeda was in the ascendancy as he took Sato down with a massive lariat. He hoisted Sato up for the Gold Slam but as he came crashing down Sato grabbed his opponents arm and locked in the Maximus Armbar Submission. Sato was in pain from being dropped to the canvas but he kept the hold tight and Ikeda eventually tapped out!

Show’s end
With that the show comes to a close. Sato, Suzuki, Yamashita and Takahashi all move forward in their quest for the GFC Japanese Heavyweight Championship while it has been confirmed that Go Strong will battle Blood Circle for the GFC Tag-Team Championships! Make sure you join FRONTLINE on March 30th for the conclusion to OPENING NAVIGATION!



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