E.N.D’s Open Challenge to Blood Circle.

E.N.D’s Open Challenge to Blood Circle.

The E.N.D. today issued an open challenge to Blood Circle, while stating their desire to win the GFC Tag-Team Championships. Check out the video sent to us from the Stryke Dojo.


Camera takes us to Stryke Dojo where we see The E.N.D. standing strong. Sylar Drake and Jason Richards on the sides and Lucius Togo and Adam Stryker, with the PWX Tag Team Championship over his shoulder, in the middle.

Stryker: “Japan has been great for us, pals, me and Jason Richards, known as Go Strong and representing The E.N.D. have been rather successful so far. But believe me when I say that it is just a beginning. Next month is the Super Junior Tournament and the E.N.D. will definitely send a representative… that being the hottest prospect of Junior Heavyweight wrestling today, “The Crown Prince of Violence” Sylar Drake.”

Drake smirked and Stryker continued.

Stryker: “And of course, we will be getting those Tag Team titles around our waists sooner than later. Blood Circle may send their best, unfortunately, their best won’t do. And since I started talking about Blood Circle… I’m issuing an open challenge to any member of this shithead group for a Special Attraction No Holds Barred Match for April 27th. Be it that old f**k Kazuki Suzuki or that masked freak OMEGA or whoever else, I don’t give a f**k! Bring your A game!”

Togo calmed Stryker down a bit, patting his back.

Stryker: “No offense to you guys from Japan, but it’s us Americans and this young English gentleman who will rule FRONTLINE in the upcoming future. Embrace The END.”

With the last phrase, all the members raised their fists to the air and the scene slowly faded to black.


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