This is where you can download a copy of the Fire Pro save, allowing you to play as the FRONTLINE wrestlers yourself. The current save is for the PS2 version in .max format, which can be used on PS2’s and on PS2 emulators.


The file contains:

  • 34 FRONTLINE stars from the 2013/14 roster
  • 10 UK-based FRONTIER stars
  • A group of “legends”, early versions of some of the files biggest stars
  • 10 refs (4 FRONTLINE, 3 FRONTIER, 3 Tokyo Pure)
  • 5 rings (FRONTLINE, FRONTIER, Tokyo Pure, Blood Circle, Tokyo Pure Memorial)
  • 6 championships (GFC Nippon, GFC Super Junior, GFC Pure Puro, GFC Tag-Team, GFC World, GFC Commonwealth)
  • 5 logos (FRONTLINE, FRONTIER, Tokyo Pure, Blood Circle, Tokyo Pure Memorial)

The following are new for version 1.1:

  • New & updated logos & rings (FRONTLINE, FRONTIER)
  • Ref change (new Tokyo Pure and FRONTLINE refs)
  • New FRONTLINE stars (Akihiro Miyamoto, DOKUSEI Honda)
  • New Tokyo Pure legends (Masaru Yamamoto, Hiroki Kokubun, Kenzo Kikuchi, Daiki Kubo, Blood Tiger I)
  • New FRONTIER star (The Betamax Kid)
  • Updated appearances/names for FRONTIER stars