Pro-Wrestling FRONTLINE  is a Japanese spin-off from the UK’s Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER. The two companies are linked by the Global Frontier Crown (GFC), the shared Championship Committee run by Alan Galpin and Hanako Yamamoto. While the GFC’s role in FRONTIER is now purely ceremonial, they are much more involved in the running of FRONTLINE, with Yamamoto taking up the leadership reigns.

Yamamoto returned to Japan towards the end of 2012 and purchased Tokyo Pure Wrestling (TPW) from a local promoter. Yamamoto has gone about transforming TPW into Pro-Wrestling FROTNLINE, keeping a lot of their great talent pool but also bringing in some fresh faces from around the country and also from abroad.

She has not changed the style of the company, keeping to Tokyo Pure’s traditions. But what she has done is given them the financial backing to bring in new stars which, in turn, has increased the fan base and put the company on the map.



FRONTLINE is a side project and a return to the roots of Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER. FRONTIER started as a fed for Fire Pro Wrestling, in fact the original thread and downloadable save for it is still available on FireProClub. I created a backstory for a Japanese fed and a whole heap of characters, some of whom (like Kenta Yamashita) became NPC’s for the current version of FRONTIER.

So FRONTLINE is born with the aim of being an angle fed that is joint run by the FRONTIER community. Something for us all to come together to write brief news stories and shows; all to run in the background behind the rest of the “FRONTIER universe”.

If you’re a handler elsewhere and want to take a break, why not send your character on tour for a month with FRONTLINE? Or feel free to create a new Japanese character to bring along for the ride. Or maybe you’ll come up with new ideas for angles, suggest booking or take control of some of the NPC’s I’ve already created.

Shows are frequent throughout the month with a big show at the end of each month. The smaller shows will have results announced, but reports will be extremely limited. The big monthly shows are where things really happen and the reports for these shows will be more in depth.

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